6 tips to avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

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Do you know that you could be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome which is also known as CVS? Most of us today spend a large part of the day looking at computer screens and it is affecting our vision. We are overusing our eyes and the result is that they cannot function as well as they used to. If you want to understand computer vision syndrome think of a tennis player who uses his hand all the time to swing a racquet. Over time, it is quite possible that they will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The same thing is happening to your eyes, only this time it is CVS.

When you look at a computer screen you have to move your eyes – if you are reading it will be mostly from left to right but if you are doing something else such as gaming, your eyes will be all over the screen. When you combine this with the fact that they have to adjust to the brightness, focus and other factors that come with screens and you get computer vision syndrome. You will know that you have it because you have blurred vision, double vision, irritated dry, red eyes, headaches and sometimes neck pains. So what can you do to avoid all these things?

1.    The glare from your computer screen is a big problem. The more glare your eyes have to deal with the more overworked they are. Glare gets worse as lights around you get brighter so you should make sure that there is little light around you as you use your computer screens. Avoid using it near windows and if the overhead lights are too bright get a dimmer. If the glare is in your office computer then you should get a special screen that reduces glare – they are quite cheap.

2.    Arrange things in such a way that you don’t have to struggle to see your screen. The ideal distance between your eyes and the screen is between 20 and 28 inches from your screen. To avoid having to look up and down from any papers that you may be working on you should place a stand next to the screen so that you minimize the number of eye movements.

3.    It is very important that you give your eyes a break every so often if you will be using a computer for a long time. Eye doctors recommend that if you work for about 20 minutes you should move your eyes from the screen for about 20 seconds and focus your eyes on something in the distance. Although it is hard to remember this, if you feel your eyes becoming dry you should blink a few times to lubricate them with tears. If the dryness is persistent you can see an eye doctor who will prescribe a lubricant.

4.    Your computer comes with certain settings from the factory. You dint have to live with them – with a few tweaks you may find that your eyes are much more comfortable. Try adjusting to several different settings and see what you are most comfortable with. It is also important to ensure that you have the right font size – if the font is too small you will strain to read and if it is big your eyes have to work harder.

5.    Find a text size that you can see from 20 inches away. The color on your screen also matters. Research has shown that blue hues strain the eyes more than oranges and reds. If you are using Windows you can adjust the settings in the control pane quite easily. For Mac, you should look in system preferences.

6.    If you work on a computer all day in the office it is important that when you are at home you rest them. Avoid getting back on a screen when you get home. Instead, you can take a walk where you eyes get to focus on different things completely. This gives them time to rest for the next day.

7.    If you use computers all the time it is very important that you see your optometrist at least once a year for an eye checkup. He will be able to detect and treat eye problems before they can become too serious. He may find that your eye problems can be resolved by issuing you with lenses or glasses. Whichever the case, if the optometrist recommends them make sure that you wear them each time you are working on your computer.

These tips should help you avoid or at least reduce computer vision syndrome.

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7 tips to stop tech stress

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Are you feeling stressed even though you cannot pinpoint the particular source of the stress? Do you feel like if you don’t have your phone or your tablet with you, checking it every minute, something might go terribly wrong? If you answered yes to any of these questions it is probably because you are suffering from what is known as tech stress. We have become so reliant on our devices that many people have began to feel that they cannot do without them. What they don’t realize is this is a source of stress and if you don’t take a step back it may become quite serious. If you feel like the world will stop if you are away from your phone or your computer it is time for you to push the technology away a little and adapt healthy habits. Here are some tips that you can use:

1.    Much of the reason why we want to look at our devices all the time is because we are afraid that we will miss something or someone will need us and we will not be available. The best way to cure yourself of this is to try switching off a little at a time. Give yourself one hour each day. On the first day you will probably feel like you’re going crazy – don’t worry because you are not. It is quite normal and during the next few days you will see that reality doesn’t cease to exist simply because you cannot be reached.

2.    Be precise in your communication and let people know when you will be available. We have already mentioned that tech stress comes from feeling like if you switch off people may not find you when they need you. If this is the case for you then you should be more precise and tell them that you will get back to them at such and such a time. In your emails, for instance, you can attach a small line at the end that says “I will get back to you at…”. This way, expectations are reduced and you are able to relax better.

3.    Keep a “tech time” as much as possible. This means that there are only certain times in a day that you can pay attention to the net. Some people prefer, for instance, to reply all their emails in the morning g rather than as they come in. This way, there is less pressure to keep looking at your devices. Set aside a time for Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Unless you are a journalist these are not things that you need to look at all the time. If you set aside the evening to deal with social media, for instance, you will find your days a lot more settled.

4.    Making a list will go a long way in helping should you be side tracked by your devices during the day. You know how it happens – your phone pings that you have a new notification so you read it and then it has a link so you click on it and then there is another interesting link and so on. By the end, you have been distracted from your work for more than a few minutes. You try to rack your brain to remember what you were doing before you got distracted but you can’t – at least not for a few minutes anyway. If you have a list you will be able to get back to your tasks faster.

5.    Affirm to yourself that you have a choice. You are not a slave to your devices. You don’t have to look at them every time they ping. In fact, think about it: if it is important enough someone will pick the phone and call you rather than send you a message. This means that you are free to control your devices and not the other way around.

6.    Weed out the crap. If you are honest to yourself you know that very little of what you look at on your devices is essential. In most cases, we are chatting with others about p[treaty inconsequential crap or looking up information that in no way will help your life. How does it help you to Tweet all the time? What are you Tweeting about and if you stopped what would happen? True, other will miss you for a split second and then they will move on.

7.    Lastly, learn to stop yourself if you catch yourself looking at your devices when you shouldn’t be. Give yourself a reality check, stop immediately and go on to a more useful task.

These tips will help you get rid of tech stress over time.

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How Flourite Octahedron stones are great for Computer Stress

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Fluorite is a mineral that has been used by mankind for thousands of years. Chemically it is defined or written as CaF2 or Calcium Fluoride. It is a mineral that is of great value which is used in a wide range of applications. It belongs to the halide family and crystallizes to form isometric cubes. These crystals are normally transparent or translucent. Most of the crystals formed by fluorite are of octahedral shape. Under normal light and even under ultra violet light, fluorite octahedron stones are very colorful. From the ancient times, these healing stones which are also known as fluorspar were also used for ornamental purposes.

Being of multidimensional shape, fluorite octahedron stones are used to bring about harmony in many people’s lives especially at work places.

These gemstones have been discovered to help people have a symmetrical way of balancing their lives especially when they are seated in front of computers. It is for this reason that people who work in offices and especially those using computers find them helpful. These unique stones are used to heal a great deal of electromagnetic stress related ailments brought about by the modern work environment. They help a person achieve a harmonious balance of both their work and home environments. As a computer stress reliever, it is pretty popular nowadays.

What is Flourite Octahedron

Normally, an octahedron is any structure that has 8 sides. For fluorite, 8 sided crystals happen to be the most rampant. However, there are other types of crystals that this CaF2 halide can take. This crystal can be of the many colors.

One of the major uses of Flourite Octahedron is in helping a person overcome narrow mindedness. It is also ideal if you are suffering from thought constricting problems. All the mental blocks that are lying in front of you get to be dissolved easily and fast whenever you employ these healing stones.

When looking forward to love, life balance and healing of the spirit, mind and body without the use of medicines, Flourite Octahedron comes in handy. This crystal is closely linked to Heart Chakra. This is the center for compassion and love. The fluorite helps you achieve inner piece, balance and even forgiveness in your life. It also helps you find acceptance in your life.


By using the Flourite Octahedron, we get to attune our inner spirit to the true spiritual nature of our being. We get to relate with our environment better. When using a computer, there is nothing more important than to switch off your mind once in a while and floating to a blissful land of peace and true nature. The stones will help you perform a few minutes of meditation while at the comfort of your seat.

How does it help relieve electromagnetic stress around a computer?

If working with a computer, you will more often than not experience immense pressure to stay still for a long time even though you wish to be strolling some place. The use of the Flourite Octahedron will help calm your nerves. In respect, this means that you will be able to stay still for a long time. Your productivity gets to improve.

When solving a problem in front of a computer, the circumstances might be such that you are under a lot of pressure. To help you solve issues and approach your roles objectively, Flourite Octahedron will come in handy. Your inner peace will be stable and this will help you approach tasks and even colleagues with a harmonious well measured approach.


With the use of Flourite Octahedron, your brain opens up and your innovative self comes out. You will be surprised that many of the tasks that have been posing problems for you will be easy to resolve once this fluorite is in place.

Different colors of Flourite Octahedron

There are numerous colors of Flourite Octahedron that you can enjoy today. They exist in the following colors;

· Blue – This is the commonest color of the octahedron stones. It is referred to as the color of communication. The crystal of this color helps you stay calm and focus your energy and attention towards a central place.

· White or clear – This crystal is ideal for you if you are in search of universal knowledge. Crystals of this color are ideal in aligning all of your inner peace and energy. You will be able to focus on tasks at hand with more clarity. Even though there are Flourite Octahedron stones of other colors, these are the ones which will help you work around your computer in a savvy way.

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How Tech Affects Our Health And Wellness

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Imagine running without a smartwatch – or a treadmill, how difficult it would be? For some people it would be even impossible. All this proves that technology is irreplaceable when it comes to our health and wellness. A lot of people are trying to stay fit, but in order to be able to do so they are using technology. In today’s article we will try to deconstruct the reasons how technology affects our health and wellness.

It Makes Us Work Out Regularly

MON-600x399Back in the all day, there was no or smart phone application that would remind you when you have to practice. There was no smart phone application that would be when you reach a certain heart rate. However, with all these tiny gadgets, and incredible help from technology, people are working out more regularly. That being said, I’m not trying to say that you wouldn’t work out if you didn’t have all these gadgets, but it’s simply he your to do so, and it ultimately affects our overall fitness level, health and wellness.

Where Would You Be Without A Treadmill

m0IERiLfph9xM4bUBMPYq2gThink about your fitness routine for a moment – what do you use the most? If you are regular at your local gym, you probably use a treadmill. In addition to that, you might use a bicycle, or other tech equipment. Needless to say, it is very much possible to exercising keep yourself fit even without all these things, but it’s much easier to do so with them. There were even news articles about people will keep fit by using telephone poles and things you can find out side. However, we have grown accustomed to going to the gym and using all the benefits of the gym.

In addition to that, each of these machines shows various types of information that you need to know, such as miles you have run, calories you have burnt, and steps you have made. You cannot get this information in real life.


To top it off, nowadays we can also use a smartwatch to our advantage. Not only that it will keep track of the miles we have run and the calories we have burnt during an exercise session, but it also reminds us when we need to go for a run.
In addition to that, it will easily synchronize with your smart phone, and transfer all the data from day to day. In this way it has become significantly easier to keep up with your training sessions. In addition to that, the dates a you get is motivating you to continue and work on your fitness and overall wellness.

Needless to say, but all these things are ultimately affect your overall health.

It’s important to be physically active if you want to stay healthy. Getting a little help from technology is certainly beneficial for your health. I sometimes don’t know how I ever functioned without these tech gadgets, but I can honestly say they have changed my life and for the better, too!

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