The technology industry is booming in a number of large metro areas across the United States.  With the ever increasing creation of new softwares, apps, and continuous innovation, comes growing companies.

In a recent article “2016 Technology Industry Outlook,” author Paul Sallomi cites that “technology is the backbone of the economy.”  It goes on to touch on many insights into how technology companies can prepare for as they grow, and offers useful takeaways.

In addition to the general landscape of the technology and what the future holds, this brings to light several potential insights that small technology businesses in large cities can take into consideration as they grow within their sector.

The example professional services company we chose for our analysis were from the moving company industry.  Similar to IT, technology, and other professional services needed by growing companies, the moving company is easy to relate to.  It also is an example of a one time fixed cost, which also makes it easy for analysis.

Professional Service Background

Moving Company Performing A Residential MoveMoving to a new residence can be one of the toughest things to undertake. There are many things that could go wrong. The moving process is always exciting, sadly, for movers, moving can be a daunting process. Moving requires a particular set of skills since all the essentials need to be taken care of. Movers face plenty of big decisions, and one of the most important is how to take care efficiently of their client’s needs. Moving from a small town to a small town is entirely different from moving from a small town to a big city or from one city to another. Moving in cities can be challenging for movers especially if they are based in a small town. Of course, some home movers are prepared to face the obvious obstacles such as traffic, but other quirks don’t sink in until a mover gets to know the difference between various cities and what makes each city challenging.

Which is why for our study, and variety of factors were taken into consideration to have a truly accurate measurement.  We are looking for several factors and judged the cities based on the following:


  1. Additional costs of moving services related to a big city (ie; heavy parking fees, extra manpower needed for large buildings, inuries, etc.)
  2. Annual profits seen over time
  3. Other factors are still in Development such as more subjective measures of difficulty of moves, longevity of workers, etc.

1. Chicago, Illinois.

Picture of Chicago IlinoisChicago is among the top cities that people are moving into since it has a lot to offer and at a cheaper cost of living.  But that doesnt mean that opportunity doesn’t exist for more commercial moving companies that specialize in moving services.   However, the main challenge for movers in Chicago is the weather. The city has around 40 inches of snow almost every year. This means that the movers need to be ready for this. The most challenging thing about the Chicago weather is that it is up to the movers to shovel a public parking space. Home movers feel the inconvenience of having to a spot for them to park. In Chicago, snow isn’t the only thing about the weather to be concerned with; movers should also watch out for thunderstorms and always remember that even tornados are possible.

Traffic also makes it challenging for movers to move around Chicago. Chicago attracts a lot of tourists and planning a move can be irritating since visitors hold up traffic by asking drivers for directions.If possible, your moving company should avoid high traffic times such as Mondays and Fridays.

2. New York.

New York CityNew York is a terrifying city for many movers. Maneuvering the streets of New York and Manhattan even for a pro can be a real struggle. The traffic is terrible. There are people and cars everywhere making accessibility as complicated as it can get. In addition to traffic jams that last even hours, New York has very strict traffic rules. These means movers have to be on the look out for these traffic rules to avoid unwanted penalties.

Another issue is parking since on-street parking on all residential streets is free, these means that finding a parking space in New York is like finding a needle in a haystack. Moving permits are supposed to simplify the moving process, but New York does not provide these permits which make it quite challenging for movers.

Every city has its unique challenges. The most popular American destinations for relocation always have the toughest challenges. It is up to the movers to get acquainted with such challenges and get to know the best way to overcome these difficulties.

In our next article, we will provide the data and analysis behind the studies shown in the examples.