Fluorite is a mineral that has been used by mankind for thousands of years. Chemically it is defined or written as CaF2 or Calcium Fluoride. It is a mineral that is of great value which is used in a wide range of applications. It belongs to the halide family and crystallizes to form isometric cubes. These crystals are normally transparent or translucent. Most of the crystals formed by fluorite are of octahedral shape. Under normal light and even under ultra violet light, fluorite octahedron stones are very colorful. From the ancient times, these healing stones which are also known as fluorspar were also used for ornamental purposes.

Being of multidimensional shape, fluorite octahedron stones are used to bring about harmony in many people’s lives especially at work places.

These gemstones have been discovered to help people have a symmetrical way of balancing their lives especially when they are seated in front of computers. It is for this reason that people who work in offices and especially those using computers find them helpful. These unique stones are used to heal a great deal of electromagnetic stress related ailments brought about by the modern work environment. They help a person achieve a harmonious balance of both their work and home environments. As a computer stress reliever, it is pretty popular nowadays.

What is Flourite Octahedron

Normally, an octahedron is any structure that has 8 sides. For fluorite, 8 sided crystals happen to be the most rampant. However, there are other types of crystals that this CaF2 halide can take. This crystal can be of the many colors.

One of the major uses of Flourite Octahedron is in helping a person overcome narrow mindedness. It is also ideal if you are suffering from thought constricting problems. All the mental blocks that are lying in front of you get to be dissolved easily and fast whenever you employ these healing stones.

When looking forward to love, life balance and healing of the spirit, mind and body without the use of medicines, Flourite Octahedron comes in handy. This crystal is closely linked to Heart Chakra. This is the center for compassion and love. The fluorite helps you achieve inner piece, balance and even forgiveness in your life. It also helps you find acceptance in your life.


By using the Flourite Octahedron, we get to attune our inner spirit to the true spiritual nature of our being. We get to relate with our environment better. When using a computer, there is nothing more important than to switch off your mind once in a while and floating to a blissful land of peace and true nature. The stones will help you perform a few minutes of meditation while at the comfort of your seat.

How does it help relieve electromagnetic stress around a computer?

If working with a computer, you will more often than not experience immense pressure to stay still for a long time even though you wish to be strolling some place. The use of the Flourite Octahedron will help calm your nerves. In respect, this means that you will be able to stay still for a long time. Your productivity gets to improve.

When solving a problem in front of a computer, the circumstances might be such that you are under a lot of pressure. To help you solve issues and approach your roles objectively, Flourite Octahedron will come in handy. Your inner peace will be stable and this will help you approach tasks and even colleagues with a harmonious well measured approach.


With the use of Flourite Octahedron, your brain opens up and your innovative self comes out. You will be surprised that many of the tasks that have been posing problems for you will be easy to resolve once this fluorite is in place.

Different colors of Flourite Octahedron

There are numerous colors of Flourite Octahedron that you can enjoy today. They exist in the following colors;

· Blue – This is the commonest color of the octahedron stones. It is referred to as the color of communication. The crystal of this color helps you stay calm and focus your energy and attention towards a central place.

· White or clear – This crystal is ideal for you if you are in search of universal knowledge. Crystals of this color are ideal in aligning all of your inner peace and energy. You will be able to focus on tasks at hand with more clarity. Even though there are Flourite Octahedron stones of other colors, these are the ones which will help you work around your computer in a savvy way.