If you’re like many people, keeping a clean office space on top of all the phone calls, constant interruptions, and paperwork, can be a difficult task at times. The problem is that this can lead to problems with dust, allergies, and general germs collecting in and around your office space, just waiting to make your nose run, your eyes watery, or worse.  If you’re someone who spends a lot of time at the computer, battling these sorts or problems can put a major damper on activity levels.  Below are some tips from old-school wisdom, and by the professionals, to keep your office space clean and your productivity up.

De-clutter your office space.

De-Clutter your office space and you may just find it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for – Katrina Mayer

De cluttered clean office spaceBy getting rid of the clutter, you’ve already started down the road to a clean space by allowing easier surface areas to clean. In addition, lack of clutter means less distractions and easier access to the most important items you need access to, which help to increase productivity in and of itself. By cutting the clutter, you can help to clear your mind while clearing a path for easy access to keep the area clean.



How valuable is your time?

Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

If you’re running a busy business finding time to do the necessary tasks in life can feel overwhelming sometimes.  Not just that, but often times I find that my time is more valuable than the tasks I could be doing.  For example, in Chicago where I live there are multiple grocery delivery services like my favorite, Instacart.  By the time I get to my car, fight traffic to the grocery store, check out, and make my way home I often find that I’ve lost 2 hrs of time.  Instead, if I had focused on my development work, for example, I could’ve made enough money to cover the cost of my groceries!

The same holds true for cleaning services.  I personally like to keep my office basically “top-level” clean.  But for when I really need a deeper clean to really kill off all the germs and make myself feel great, I often use a service.  In my opinion, Sweep Home Chicago is my choice for apartment cleaning services in Chicago and I like to have these guys come out every month or so for a really deep clean to cut down the germs to avoid getting sick which could affect my long-term productivity, and to get rid of dusts that cause allergies and more.


Beware of your coworkers

Happiness is working with with great (and clean) people

While you may be a personal clean freak to the max, beware of those around you that aren’t. If you work in a shared space, especially a co-working space, beware of the germs that may be lingering. Don’t be embarrased to carry disinfectant wipes and hand cleaner with you where you go. Would you rather be embarassed or at home in bed with the flu all weekend.  If it were me I can get over being embarassed and back to my normal activities faster than I can get over the flu.  And we all know how bad the flu can be for productivity levels.


Keep your office space clutter free, outsource when necessary, and be weary of the germs of others.  Doing so will help you to remain fully active and ultimately, more productive.