Pros of Becoming a Marketing Consultant

  1. Job Security

Only a generation ago, going into business and starting a consultancy was considered risky.Now, working for a larger corporation has become risky.As the owner of the marketing consultancy, you are your own boss.You get to enjoy all the rewards of your hard work.You will never have to be worried about losing your job or getting that dreaded pink slip.You are always assured of your job as long as your consultancy is making profits.Once you have secured steady clients and built a constant stream of income, you are the master of your destiny.

  1. Freedom and Flexibility

Job and life flexibility in marketingWorking for yourself gives you great freedom since you can plan your own schedules.You can easily choose how to work and when to work as opposed to when working for a corporation.You can even work from home using teleconferencing, emails, and a whole new generation of internet tools.This gives you total freedom to run the marketing consultancy your way and implement your plans.By setting your working hours and making your schedule, you can spend time with your family and the other important people in your life.All this freedom and flexibility helps you create a healthy balance between your personal life and your consultancy services.

  1. You Choose the People You Work With

As a marketing consultant, you are free to choose your clients.You can decide on who to serve and how much time you spend on that particular customer.However, when you are employed in a larger organization, you have to go by the rules of the supervisor and have to keep on working with people you don’t get along.When you run your own consultancy, you are never tied down to a single client.As your online consultancy continues to grow, you can employ happy people who give you optimism and confidence as you move forward.

  1. Make More Money

If you thought that it’s only the large organizations that make significant profits – you are wrong.There are plenty of marketing consultants who are well on their way to making their first million in their first year of business.It goes without saying that the better you are at managing your consultancy business, the more rewards you reap.You have a far better opportunity of making more money working as a marketing consultant than by working for a larger organization.Starting a consultancy gives you a chance to work your heart out and make more money.

Cons of Becoming a Marketing Consultant

  1. Long Working Hours

Man working long hours at marketing job asleep at deskStarting your own consultancy demands for greater commitment of time and energy.Unlike working for a larger corporation, you have to do everything to make your marketing consultancy profitable.This means extremely long working hours in the early days of your consulting business.You may have to pay yourself less since most of the income will be used to pay for operational costs.However, if you have the passion and the belief, you will have the required energy to work the extra hours and make your consultancy a success.  And in addition to energy comes the increased liklihood of becoming sick.  Working long hours, poor nutrition, and not getting enough water have been shown to lead to heart disease.  They do say that sitting is “the new smoking” so make sure you get up and walk.  Try getting up from the computer 4-5 times per day and doing 15 or so minutes of activity. And wearing a fitbit tracker can be a great way to keep track of health and sleep patterns.  I personally like the fitbit ChargeHR for its functionality, interface, and ease of use in setup and programming.

  1. High Financial Risk

You may use your own savings, loans or family grants to start your marketing consultancy.This involves an enormous financial risk.This is the main reason why someone may prefer to work for a secure corporation rather than starting their own consultancy.You have to invest in your money, and if the consultancy fails, it goes down with you.Even with a good business plan, your business may lose money due to economic volatility.However, with the right effort, talent and a bit of luck your marketing consulting can be a success.

Before becoming a marketing consultant, consider all these pros and cons and study some of the top marketing companies to see what they are doing to see success.  Be sure you know all your strengths and weaknesses.The risks you take by stepping out of the safe corporate environment may be rewarded by achieving status, finance and prestige.